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Speak directly to your shareholders, the more than 750,000 OPT-IN Subscribers of The Green Baron Report & StrictlyStocks.com as well as investors and Industry Professionals all over the world with our professionally recorded CEO Webcast/Podcast.

The interviews take place over the phone and usually last approximately 25 minutes. The interviews are professionally edited and formatted by our team of audio professionals. You will be given ample time to review and request changes to your webcast before it is made available to the general public on our two websites and in our membership mailings.



Evergreen Marketing will assist in scripting, recording, editing and broadcasting two professional CEO Webcasts during your marketing campaign. This is the fastest growing and most effective medium for communicating with shareholders and the investment community.

Evergreen Marketing will notify our more than 750,000 subscribers of The Green Baron Report and alert subscribers about your interviews, where they can listen to them and why they should.

We publish your webcasts on our websites TheGreenBaron.com and StrictlyStocks.com with unlimited access and listening to the general public

Evergreen Marketing will provide you with 2 suggested Press Releases (per webcast/podcast) to announce each interview to your shareholders and the investment community

Evergreen Marketing will make your CEO Webcast/Podcast available to the general public for the entire campaign.

Evergreen Marketing will consult with your Investor Relations team to coordinate our marketing campaign for maximum results

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