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Evergreen Marketing, Inc. is the parent company of TheGreenBaron.com, home of The Green Baron Report and our StrictlyStocks.com Webcasts & Podcasts Alerts.

Evergreen Marketing is a unique Internet marketing and consulting firm that helps publicly traded companies gain and maintain a supportive and ever- increasing shareholder base while simultaneously increasing share value and investor awareness. What makes us, "unique" is that our programs actually work and our impressive results are proudly displayed on the homepage of www.TheGreenBaron.com


Stocks Featured by The Green Baron Often See Record Volume and Price increases Within Days


All Focus Stock Programs are subject to approval.

Corporate Consulting:

Evergreen Marketing is a unique Internet marketing and consulting firm that helps publicly traded companies gain and maintain a supportive and ever- increasing shareholder base while simultaneously increasing share value and investor awareness. What makes us, "unique" is that our programs actually work and our impressive results are proudly displayed on the homepage of www.TheGreenBaron.com

Is your organization seeking Financing, Stock Loan, JVP, Acquisition or Merger opportunities? We can help. Our team of industry and market professionals have decades of experience.

Shareholder Awareness Program:

Tell your company's story to investors worldwide in your own words.

One of the most powerful marketing tools available to publicly traded companies are our exclusive Green Baron CEO Webcasts & Podcasts. Explain your company's investment potential to the more than 750,000 members of The Green Baron Investors Society and investors around the world in your own words! The interviews take place over the phone and usually last approximately 25 minutes. Then they are professionally edited and formatted by our team of audio professionals. You will be given ample time to review and edit your webcast before it is made available to the general public on our two websites and in our membership mailings.

·        2 CEO Webcast/Podcast professionally recorded & edited

·        Suggested Press Releases promoting your interviews

·        Notify all 750,000+ Green Baron Investor Society members

·        Notify all StrictlyStocks.com Webcast Alert subscribers

·        Webcast/Podcast hosted on TheGreenBaron.com website

·        Webcast/Podcast hosted on StrictlyStocks.com website

·        Company profile on StrictlyStocks.com

The Green Baron Stock Alert:

If a tree falls in the woods and there is no one there to hear it, does it still make a sound? If there’s no one there to “hear” your PR’s will they still have an impact? Think about how discouraging it is for existing shareholders as well as potential future shareholders to see a company make a major announcement that has little or no impact on the share price or volume.

Is your company on the verge of a major development or announcement? Don’t let your big moment fall on deaf ears…or worse yet, no ears at all. We can help.

Put the eyes and the ears of Wall Street and our more than 750,000 members on your stock immediately. Our Stock Alert is a short term, high impact shareholder support and investor awareness program right when you need it the most. We strongly suggest you utilize this program during a high activity period for the company to maximize your results.

A “Stock Alert” is featured in much the same way as our Focus Stock Picks.  We write a profile about four to six pages in length analyzing the Company’s fundamental and technical merits and disseminate that information to our membership via our Reports and Websites as well as the general investing community through other various entities. 

We notify our members in advance the specific date and time that a new Stock Alert is coming, with primary coverage, including dissemination of all news released by the company during the week the first Webcast interview is made available. We will also provide updated coverage during the week the second webcast interview is made available. (two webcast interviews total).

“Stock Alerts” are often issued on companies that we have previously provided our Media Program for or conducted other promotional efforts for in the past.  A “Stock Alert” campaign is initiated particularly due to the expectation of increased or significant news, recently announced news, or a strong technical pattern. 

We do not post the Stock Alert statistics in the Focus Stock Picks chart on our home page.  However, they are treated and covered with similar support as a fully profiled stock pick would be.

All Stock Alert and Focus Stock Programs include our complete Shareholder Awareness Program (see above)

We strongly recommend that all Stock Alert Companies release as much significant news as possible during the week your webcast interviews are made available since these are the time periods (one week per interview) that EMI will disseminate news by the company to our membership. If needed, please contact your EMI Representative for assistance in creating and/or editing Press Releases.

During the term of your contract period, in particular, during each week your webcast interview is released we will provide the following:

·        Full Shareholder Awareness Program (see above)

·        Full Company Profile on TheGreenBaron.com

·        Full Company Profile on StrictlyStocks.com

·        Notify all 750,000+ Green Baron members of all company PR’s released during the weeks your interviews are made available.

·        Assist if needed with writing, enhancing, and strategic timing of PR’s.

·        Publish your first of two Webcast/Podcast interviews. You can reserve your second interview for a later date when increased exposure may again be needed, or as a simple follow-up to your first interview. Each interview is conducted per the terms of our Media Program.

The Green Baron Focus Stock:

The Green Baron Report typically releases one Focus Stock Pick each month.  At times we will release two, and other months we will not release any at all.  Our campaign includes about a six to ten page initial summary of Company operations and our entire reasoning for accumulation.  We walk our members through well supported technical and fundamental reasons for owning each new stock pick.

The Green Baron Featured or "Focus Stocks" are stock ideas that have met our strict selection criteria and approval from our entire editorial staff and management team. Only a select few of the many companies we consider each month actually qualify as a Green Baron Focus Stock pick and earn a place on our storied homepage. Featured Stocks receive detailed profiling and analysis on our website and in our Green Baron Reports, Updates and Alerts when events warrant. Featured stocks are monitored closely on our homepage and on the "Stock Profiles" page of our website.

The Focus Stock Pick and suggestion for purchase is released during market hours to our entire database of over 750,000 opt-in members through an e-mail and on our websites.  The pick profile can also be found on our website TheGreenBaron.com and on the scrolling marquees after it has been sent to our entire opt-in list.  We track developments, press releases, and independently analyze developments for at least 90 days and typically much longer.  We can review, edit, and make suggestions on how to communicate press releases in a more effective manner.

The Green Baron Focus Stock Program includes the complete Green Baron Shareholder Awareness Program (see above)

How do we get compensated?

In many cases we will accept a combination of cash and stock based compensation either directly from the company and/or from unaffiliated third parties. Your EMI representative will work with you to development a compensation plan that best suits your resources and budget.

How much do our services cost?

Evergreen Marketing will work with your organization to structure a marketing plan that best suits your resources and budget. Our basic Shareholder Awareness Program starts at $10,000 US depending upon the method of compensation (cash or stock).

Please contact Us for a specific price quote for our Stock Alert and Focus Stock programs.

How and when can you get started?

Our Media and Stock Alert Programs are available to most publicly traded companies. Once we work out the terms and delivery of compensation we can usually have your program ready to implement within 5 business days.

Our Focus Stock Program is a lot more involved and should be finalized at least two weeks prior to implementing. Your EMI Representative will work closely with your Corporate Designate and/or IR Representative to coordinate all marketing and scheduling activities to maximize effectiveness and results. Please allow at least 3 business days for EMI Board review of all Focus Stock Program requests. All Focus Stock applicants must receive the approval of the entire EMI board.

If you have decided to retain Evergreen Marketing for any of the services listed above, you will be contacted by one of our Corporate Services Representatives at your convenience to discuss your objectives, our marketing plan and compensation. Once the details have been agreed upon, your EMI Rep will provide you with a Services Contract detailing all agreed upon terms and conditions as well as the type and method of compensation delivery. Once the Services Agreement has been approved by all parties and compensation delivered we are ready to go whenever you are.

The bottom line;

What Evergreen Marketing, Inc. does, in conjunction with our two subsidiaries TheGreenBaron.com and StrictlyStocks.com, as well as other resources and venues we utilize, is tell your company’s story and it’s potential to the more than 750,000 members of The Green Baron Investors Society and StrictlyStocks.com subscribers. We put the eyes and ears of our membership, Wall Street and the world on your company and stock. Although we make no claims or guarantee regarding any increase in share price or volume associated with our services, many stocks featured by The Green Baron and StrictlyStocks.com often see record volume and share price increases following our profiling. Our system works, our results are real and are proudly displayed on our storied homepage at www.TheGreenBaron.com

We look forward to putting our programs and results to work for your organization today!


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